XV Convegno SeSaMO – Panels

Imagination, representation and (be)longing to Palestine. Deconstructing notions of Crisis and Chaos

Abdullah Bayyari, Hanna AlTaher, Aya Musmar, Khaled Al-Bashir


Catastrophes, religious philanthropy, and state-building in the Interwar Levant

Philippe Bourmaud


L’imperialismo nel mondo arabo-mediterraneo all’epoca della prima (1873-1914) e della seconda (1973-2020) globalizzazione

Matteo Capasso, Giampaolo Conte


The Politics of Inclusion and Exclusion in Turkey’s Popular Culture since the Cold War

Carlotta De Sanctis, Christoph Ramm, Ali Sonay


From Jerusalem to Beirut: Contextualizing Uneven Transformations

Tariq Dana


Il linguaggio della crisi e la crisi del linguaggio ieri e oggi

Cristina La Rosa, Ilenia Licitra


Negotiating Gender and Resisting Precarity in the Middle East and North Africa

Sepideh Atter Motlagh, Matthew Heinrichs, Seréna Nilsson Rabia, Şefika Özer


“Buhran” par excellence: Cultural, Social, and, Identity Crises in the Late Ottoman Era

Çiğdem Oğuz, Ozen Nergis Seçkin Dolcerocca, Ece Zerman, Orçun Can Okan

Istanbul “capitale du monde arabe”? Interactions et dynamiques au sein d’un espace transnational

Cosimo Pica


Distanze storiche, avvicinamenti contingenti: come cambiano gli equilibri in Medio Oriente

Wassim Salman, Laura Cianciarelli, Imam Seyed Ali Hosseini, Eleonora Pede


The Sociology of Crisis and Critique: Reading the Oxford Handbook of the Sociology of the Middle East

Armando Salvatore


Visti (retrospettivamente) da vicino. I problemi d’Oriente nelle riflessioni di alcuni diplomatici italiani del Novecento

Paolo Soave, Francesca Biancani, Valentina Sommella, Federico Imperato, Rosario Milano, Giuseppe Spagnulo


Filling the Gap: Understanding the complex ways of Arab women fighting for liberation from interlocking systems of oppression

May Telmissany, Lina Isma’il, Radamis Zaky


Zoom In! Zoom Out! Egyptian Film Production: Innovative Solutions for Structural Problems

Chihab El Khachab, Mohamed Atwa, Adly Thoma


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