Open Panels

1. Abozaid, Simoncini _Cyberauthoritarianism, digital resistance, and transnational solidarity in the MENA Region

2. Barbaro, Carnevale, Pozzoli _ Food politics in post-2003 Iraq: a cultural perspective

3. Bertuccelli_Cultural and Ideological Connections in Cold War Turkey: Political Paths, Media and Representations

4. Bianco, Dozio _Crossing boundaries in Tunisian cultural productions: genres, languages, and audiences

5. Borrillo _ Artivism for a transnational history from below in the SWANA region

6. Brazzoduro, Tufaro _  Red-lines: revolutionary knowledge and transformative action in the Trans-Mediterranean space (1950s-1970s)

7. Bria, Vicini _Crossing and Contaminations in the Study of Islam and Muslim Life

8. Carminati, Montalbano_ Urban history of mobility in MENA region: migrations, ecologies, spaces, temporalities (XIX-XXI)

9. Catusse, Vairel_ Généralisation des politiques de précarisation, circulation des formes de mobilisation : une nouvelle question sociale au Maghreb et au Proche-Orient ?

10. Cederna, Vallarano _ Circolazione e métissages nelle border cities, città di frontiera del Mediterraneo (MENA)

11. Cimini, Perletta_ Turning water into politics: narratives, imaginaries and practices in the Middle East and North Africa

12. Columbu_ Existentialism and commitment in contemporary Arabic literature

13. Correale _ Culture nomadi e nazionalismi nell’Ovest sahariano (XIX – XX secolo): persone, luoghi e correnti di pensiero

14. Del Panta _Taking Stock of a Revolutionary Decade

15. Denaro, Pepicelli_Attraversamenti religiosi: narrazioni, percorsi e pratiche di conversione

16. Di Mauro, Cascino_Circulation of Ideas, Practices, and Knowledge in and across Peripheral Islam

17. Edres, Roushdy_ Exploring Transformations within Educational Spaces

18. Ferlaino, Montefusco, Taher_ Multi-sited research methodologies for decolonial research: food entanglements and encounters across the MENA region and beyond

19. Fischione, Gonzalez Navarro_New politics and aesthetics of representation in Moroccan literature

20. Gervasio, Paciello, Pioppi_ Food politics in post-2003 Iraq: Looking at the interplay between the national, regional and global levels

21. Ghaffari, Torre _Borders and unauthorized migratory routes as spaces of critical imaginations and creative resistance across the MENA region

22. Jafari, Amoruso, Meyer _ Palestinian Refugees and the Right of Return after the 2023-24 Genocide: Challenges and Prospects for Decolonisation

23. Kreil, Schielke _ Otherness and the fabric of universals: Historical and anthropological explorations in the Middle East and North Africa

24. Maraucci, Melis_ Questioning “Civilization”, “Reform” and “(Post)Modernity” in the Ottoman and Post Ottoman Space (XIX-XXI centuries)

25. Maritato, Di Peri _ The time and space of “transnational ad-hocracy” in the SWANA region

26. Masullo, Monaco_ Overcoming the European Monopoly on Knowledge: Greek Classics and Myths in Arabic Literature (1800-1950)

27. Novellis, Degli Esposti  _ New Directions in Kurdish Studies: Tracing Political, Social, and Cultural Transformations

28. Novellis, Gasco, Franceschini, Abrami _ Turkey between the past and today’s world. Who’s and How’s the Other?

29. Parolin  _ Vernacularising Law & Order in the Eastern Mediterranean (1791-1849)

30. Randall, Chamas, Malik, McGinn _ Palestine as a Global Crossing for Culture, Politics, and Social Movements

31.Rivetti, Ghaffari, Zakeri  _ Iran after Woman Life Freedom: Domestic and international politics

32. Rivetti  _ Rethinking authoritarianism: Transnational geographies between the region and the world

33. Sala, Linardi _ « Corps nomades » : pratiques de genre et identités en transit dans les productions artistiques et littéraires arabes

34. Sardaoui, Palmegiani _ Cultural Intersections: Aesthetic Hybridity in Moroccan Cinematic Discourse

35. Vannetzel _Subsidies Versus Cash Transfers: Analyzing Reform Diffusion in the MENA Region 

36. [Roundtable] Käser, Tolino _ Crossing disciplinary borders. Intersectionality on the move 



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