XV Convegno SeSaMO – Panel confermati

Il programma del convegno sarà disponibile a breve.

The conference program will be published soon.


1. Imagination, representation and (be)longing to Palestine. Deconstructing notions of Crisis and Chaos

Abdullah Bayyari, Hanna AlTaher, Aya Musmar, Khaled Al-Bashir


2. Catastrophes, religious philanthropy, and state-building in the Interwar Levant

Philippe Bourmaud


3. L’imperialismo nel mondo arabo-mediterraneo all’epoca della prima (1873-1914) e della seconda (1973-2020) globalizzazione

Matteo Capasso, Giampaolo Conte


4. The Politics of Inclusion and Exclusion in Turkey’s Popular Culture since the Cold War

Carlotta De Sanctis, Christoph Ramm, Ali Sonay


5. From Jerusalem to Beirut: Contextualizing Uneven Transformations

Tariq Dana


6. Il linguaggio della crisi e la crisi del linguaggio ieri e oggi

Cristina La Rosa, Ilenia Licitra


8. “Buhran” par excellence: Cultural, Social, and, Identity Crises in the Late Ottoman Era

Çiğdem Oğuz, Ozen Nergis Seçkin Dolcerocca, Ece Zerman, Orçun Can Okan

9. Istanbul “capitale du monde arabe”? Interactions et dynamiques au sein d’un espace transnational

Cosimo Pica


10. Distanze storiche, avvicinamenti contingenti: come cambiano gli equilibri in Medio Oriente

Wassim Salman, Laura Cianciarelli, Imam Seyed Ali Hosseini, Eleonora Pede


11. The Sociology of Crisis and Critique: Reading the Oxford Handbook of the Sociology of the Middle East

Armando Salvatore


12. Visti (retrospettivamente) da vicino. I problemi d’Oriente nelle riflessioni di alcuni diplomatici italiani del Novecento

Paolo Soave, Francesca Biancani, Valentina Sommella, Federico Imperato, Rosario Milano, Giuseppe Spagnulo


14. Zoom In! Zoom Out! Egyptian Film Production: Innovative Solutions for Structural Problems

Chihab El Khachab, Mohamed Atwa, Adly Thoma


15. Après le Hirak: Les enjeux politiques de la crise de la représentation et de la légitimité en Algérie  

Belkacem Benzenine, Ester Sigillo


16. Chaos, corps et dictateurs dans le roman arabe contemporain

Alma Abou Fakher


17. Lifeworlds amidst permanent chaos and durable crises: experience, morality and knowledge across the broader Middle East and Islamic world

Daniele Cantini, Tommaso Trevisani


18. Counterrevolution and Crisis in West Asia and North Africa (WANA)

Blanca Camps-Febrer, Timothy E. Kalda


19. Is there a crisis beyond chaos? Islam in Europe between tension and change

Chiara Anna Cascino, Nicola Di Mauro


20. Who Goes Green? Patterns of Environmental Activism, Cooperation and Resistance in the SWANA region

Giulia Cimini, Renata Pepicelli


21. Se rebeller dans les déserts. Les mouvements politiques du Sahara-Sahel (19e – 21e siècle)

Francesco Correale


22. Failed States and Failure of Change? Self-Criticism within the Arab Spring Experience

Mohamad Moustafa Alabsi


23. Disaggregating the conflict responses of authoritarian and democratic states in the wider MENA region

Brendon J. Cannon, Federico Donelli


24. Fiction and the “Arab Uprisings”. Rebellion, Chaos and Trauma

Nesma Elsakaan, Naglaa Waly


25. Migration and Integration in the Middle East

Gennaro Errichiello, Dalia Abdelhady


26. Sradicamento, identità, assimilazione: l’evoluzione della condizione curda nel Medio Oriente contemporaneo

Nicola Degli Esposti, Sevgi Doğan, Alessandro Tinti


27. A century of Social Mobilsation in Morocco: Lessons learned from a historically informed activism

Laura Feliu, Ferran Izquierdo, Natalia Ribas-Mateos


28. (Dés)ordres dans la justice transitionnelle : genre et politisation du traitement des passés violents après les soulèvements de 2011

Sélima Kebaili, Frédéric Vairel


29. Class, a Useful Category for Ethnography? Case Studies from Egypt and Morocco

Aymon Kreil, Yasmine Berriane


30. Figuring It Out: Crises and Resistance in Graphic Novels, Comics, and Cartoons

Valentina Marcella, Pierre Hecker


31. ‘Chaos’ as a productive space of negotiation: Turkey’s diplomacy in the MENA region mobilizing the legacy of the Ottoman Empire

Chiara Pagano, Nicola Melis


32. Deconstructing Chaos in Iraqi Studies:What Research Paths Beyond Essentialisation and its Counter-Narrative?

Pietro Menghini, Antonio Pacifico


33. To be God’s Sign in the Age of Globalisation: MarjaꜤiyya between Crisis and Progress

Minoo Mirshahvalad, Bianka Speidl


35. Pandora’s Box as a Metaphor for the Crisis of the Arab Revolutions in Post-2011 Artistic Expressions

Andrea Maria Negri, Daniela Potenza


37. Gender and multiple crises in Tunisia. Exploring the consequences of crises on women and men relations, gender roles and representations through a historical approach

Renata Pepicelli, Guendalina Simoncini


38. Constructing Constant Crisis: Research Methodologies as Filtering Mechanisms

Odetta Pizzingrilli, Irene Tuzi, Patricia Ward


39. The methodological challenges for a systematization of our knowledge about parties and party systems in the MENA region

Valeria Resta


40. La fitna del fronte unito anti-coloniale all’indomani delle indipendenze nordafricane

Caterina Roggero, Francesco Tamburini


41. Violent extremism drivers and P/CVE strategies in MENA region

Marie Kortam, Mohammed Sharqawi


42. Palestinian mobilisations against Israel’s settler colonial violence

Federica Stagni, Pietro Stefanini


43. A Time and a Place for Gramsci: Sources, Contexts and Analytical Inspirations in MENA countries

Andrea Teti, Alessandra Marchi


44. Exploring Islamism beyond Jihadi Violence

Elisa Orofino, Sara Tonsy


45. Research as relationship: exploring the epistemology and practice of encounter in fieldwork

Tamara Taher, Francesco Vacchiano


46. Kurdish Rojava, Autonomous Administration of North East Syria: propaganda or successful institutional


Davide Grasso, Andrea Novellis


47. Art, dissent and social change in the Middle Eastern and North African public space after the uprisings

Sara Borrillo


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